Lesstress using Kubios HRV analytics in their application
24 mei 2022 
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Lesstress using Kubios HRV analytics in their application


Lesstress, a company based in the Netherlands, is an expert in stress management and the partner for vital employees and organizations. Lesstress offers individual stress coaching programs that help employees to better balance stress and recovery.

Managing stress is important. The number of burnouts is increasing and the costs of absenteeism from work are high.

This is the problem that Lesstress is tackling, say the founders of Lesstress Irene ten Dam and Judith Lemmers. Our stress coaching programs consist of 1) daily energy measurements 2) online coaching and 3) mobile first e-learning with the aim of preventing burnouts and improving performance at work, they add.

Lesstress Life application

Lesstress Life is a stress management application which helps employees to gain insights in how to improve their stress resilience. Daily measurements and measurements during work provide direct feedback on their ability to cope with stress. With these insights employees learn how to improve their physical and mental health.

When it comes to the processing and analyzing of the HRV data, the Lesstress application relies on Kubios HRV analytics.

Kubios is a software company specializing in HRV analysis and we at Lesstress chose to use their gold-standard HRV analysis algorithms inside our applications from the beginning. The integration of Kubios HRV analytics inside our app was easy and we appreciate the reliability and accuracy of Kubios HRV analytics as well as the fact that their analysis service scales up based on our requirements.

Kubios readiness analysis service

Kubios readiness analysis service is designed for companies like Lesstress who want to use HRV analysis for the purpose of objectively monitoring stress and recovery within their application. We have over 20 years of experience in HRV and our HRV analysis algorithms are scientifically validated and are widely used within the scientific community, says Mika Tarvainen, CEO of Kubios.

The readiness analysis service offers detailed HRV analysis from short interbeat interval (IBI) recordings. The recordings can be made at rest, for example every morning after waking up, to monitor the day-to-day changes in readiness or recovery. In addition, measurements can also be performed at specific times during daytime, for example to monitor work related stress.

The HRV parameters returned from the readiness analytics include individual readiness index, parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) and sympathetic nervous system (SNS) indexes, heart rate, RMSSD, SDNN, LF and HF powers, and respiration rate. Prior to analysis, the IBI data is preprocessed by a validated beat correction algorithm to ensure the accuracy of the HRV analysis output.

By choosing Kubios HRV analytics into your application you get accurate and detailed HRV analysis as well as a reliable and easy-to-integrate service, summarizes Mika Tarvainen. Our aim is to constantly expand our HRV analysis product offering and to establish long-term partnerships with companies like Lesstress. We would like to offer our HRV analytics to wellness technology companies to improve the accuracy of their stress management applications and thereby help people cope with stress.

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